Wednesday, August 22, 2007

government glue

thank you Martha for popularizing the use of vintage postage stamps on wedding envelope systems. beyond adding a special level of detail and thematic tie-in, it is also a small gesture towards sustainable usage. stamps are currency never to be discarded! do remember to run a postage test mailing first. with vintage stamps, comes the appreciation for their modern successor self-adhesive stamps…

its probably been 10 years since I have had the pleasure of getting sloppy with a sheet of postage. now i understand why they switched. first off, the glue is the most brutal sticky stuff ever. it gets all over your hands, so washing often will keep your envelopes goop-free. also lovely, our engagement party stamps were from the 1950s and 60s so they tasted like licking an antique store floor. minty flavor is a modern convenience here people. worse, my research shows that the average stamp has 5 calories per lick. 5 cal x 250 stamps = shit! needless to say i didn’t list that in my personal training food journal that day. using a wet sponge for the job was no good, offering little control and glue goop on black envelopes was a threat.

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