Tuesday, August 14, 2007

we heart gutenberg

with impending wedding now a year away, we have started to further ramp up our letterpress skills. no more playing with the proofing press; time to make some real things here. thankfully we now have access to the press at HADW.

yesterday we sent off our first crack at designing for a custom plate. the design and setup process was freakishly simple and similar to what one would do for an offset press--think vector, set the bleeds, set the crop marks. the only special consideration was making sure nothing was under .25 pt lineweight. thankfully our BFAs cover the above skill requirements.

we did wuss out on printing this one ourselves. my ink and small type skills aren't quite there yet. we do however love and trust starparticle press (as featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, 2004).

we are shooting to print our 'save the dates' on the HADW press. don't hold your breath for chirstmas cards.

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