Monday, August 20, 2007

good [wifey] things: the organizer

i am confident i could have met my wedding organizational needs with just a binder and Excel speadsheets, however i am a huge sucker for planners and other design items stemming from the "fill in the blank" craze. when i found Target's Club Wed Organizer, i couldn't resist. it is straight up brilliant-- a breath of fresh air among the vast array of mediocre planners on the market.

the worksheet-esque format allows users to record global details and manage information within beautifully designed modern, cheery pages. it is void of unnecessary content and truly focuses on user-personalization, making it a very effective tool in a bride-elect's planning arsenal. when content does appear, it is smart, to the point and well illustrated (do check out the registry section).

yet another fine example of Target's pro-design values making the world a better place.

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