Saturday, August 4, 2007

06.18.07 / never forget

in case you didn't hear the story or better, get a hysterical call at 10:15pm. it went down something like this...

"After long last, Halli and I have upgraded our status to "engaged" this past Monday evening. Following an impromptu dinner of Italian food, laughter, and a random Russian accordionist, we returned home to what Halli thought would be just another evening of to-do list items and emails. But there was another game afoot...

In short, Halli was led to believe that I was going to show her some new video game (Halo3 beta, of course) footage, but the footage I actually showed her was a photo/video montage I made of our past four years together. The shock set in when, after the extraordinary display of motion graphics, I took a knee and asked her to marry me. Halli said "yes," (phew) but everything else seems like a blur because of her general hysteria (of happiness and joy).

A few days later, we're a little calmer but still really excited about what's to come. Halli is quite satisfied with the new piece of hardware for her hand. Doobie McScratches and Bizmark von Whiskers (our cats) seem only mildly interested by this latest development, but we're sure they're just internalizing the good news.

We want to thank all you, our family and friends, for your love and support throughout our lives. Stay tuned for more info — rest assured there will be plenty of celebrating over the next several months. Love, laugh, use good type, and do good work."

Our best, Halli + Nick

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