Monday, August 11, 2008

where credit is due

The cats requested that I make sure to credit them for the wedding color palette inspiration.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

it's a tasting, not a gorging

We finally were able to move forward with our food selections for the reception. It was seriously the most fun part of this wedding planning business.

All my wannabe foodie dreams came true that day- course upon course served by a personal wait staff, multiple wine parings, six kinds of desserts and a running consult from the executive chef throughout the meal. Way to bring it to the table Patina!

At one point I remember levitating over the table and simultaneously hallucinating that Julia Child was there cutting my food for me with a large golden knife. If you ever have the pleasure of attending one of these go slow. Keyword is tasting.

My first dress fitting is Friday. Signs point to "not good."

the (second) happiest day of my life

Invites are in the mail. Enjoy!

PS. Some of you have inquired- yes, that is actual hand rendered calligraphy. Anne Robin out of NYC penned each invite lovingly for us. She is my letter-spacing and line-spacing hero. Check out her work. It is amazing.

Monday, August 4, 2008

we practically own alaska airlines

We have been doing a ton of flying this year for wedding planning trips as well as general business travel for our respective employers. Nicholas and I have been at the airport every week or every two weeks since February. In fact, I am typing this from 36,000 feet right now. (The planets were aligned for a cross country, first class upgrade this time. The hot towel just came. Boo ya.)

Here is a photo I shot a few weeks ago while flying back from LA LA for our final vendor walk-throughs. Look for Rainier at the wedding- just in its alternate form...the beer.