Tuesday, April 29, 2008

straight up blog

A few items regarding tonight's late post:

First off, today was spent billing the majority of my time to 'computer downtime' at work. Our MS Office 12 upgrade rendered me helpless on the computer for hours. I lamented not having trusty Apple products at my side all day long. I am now on a computer that works thank goodness.

Second, I received a 't-minus five month' email from The Knot last week while traveling. Did they say five? Yep, five months. [Insert usual, unpleasant nail biting here]

Despite the impending 'tick tock' message, it was a simple reminder to again take a moment to reflect on the joy that has come [and will continue to come] with this whole wedding preparation and design endeavor. It's easy for some to chalk this whole process up to mere party planning, Halli gone Martha, bride detail overkill. It's so much more than that though. It's a discovery of each other, a compromise challenge and a killer joint effort that has resulted in some impressive, tactical teamwork [hopefully not driving a few key individuals nutty over the past year].

One of the most special and deepest parts of what makes Nick and Halli tick has stemmed from our gift of creativity and love for creating special things, which we are working overtime to do right now. It is what binds us.

We spend all day working to create something from nothing-- for others/clients. How blessed are we to finally have the ultimate project on our hands-- we are our own clients. Our love and limitless imagination is our 'brand promise' to each other and those we love.

Ps. Sorry for the unexpectedly deep post. I think I actually have a look and feel sketch that I may like. Positivity and progress is a'flowing!

Ps2. We were in LA this weekend for wedding stuff as well as Keith and Kerri's wedding. It was super productive, a wonderful time, and 96 out. Lots to report on later. Stay tuned.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

eames + shoe

Mono-Eamz by United Nude shoes…yeah baby! I just am in love with these heels that are an homage to our favorite design duo—Charles and Ray Eames’s lounge chair. How perfect would these be for our design obsessed wedding?! Too bad I can’t wear them with my complex shoe wearing requirements. Besides, I would probably buy the black pair so I could sport them every day.