Tuesday, November 20, 2007

save the date yo

Warning: Lame designer content ahead...

We are getting closer every weekend with save the date ‘identity and campaign.’ The content is finally done and we look forward to a fun exercise in information hierarchy very soon! Our hotel, airline, and car special discounts all seem to have a unique set of information and directions. We are trying to streamline as much as possible from a typographic perspective. Hopefully, in the end, people will access the website too.

The design is going swimmingly! I have it about 85% in place and Nick is going in as the finisher. He pushed my design a bit more (as he does so well when we collaborate) and it is getting pretty tight. I pushed back too of course. We have one more panel to figure out then off to the printers. I am hoping to keep the last panel down to one color so we are more cost efficient.

I have been planning for letterpress as our final form factor this whole time. It’s a
two color deal, so regardless of how we end up printing, it will look great. If it ends up being letterpress, some of the elements could be tricky to calibrate. Offset would save us some money, but this design is so destined to be pressed into some Crane’s Lettra in bright white, yummy.

We also bought Envelopments pocket folds to make a mini packet for the whole mailing. I love you dainty, mini packet mailers! I am currently investigating interesting ways to bind it closed. I keep leaning towards a two sided satin 5/8” ribbon despite swearing never to include tying of bows/knots again for a design project. Its just way too hard. Seattle isn’t my favorite place to find ribbon and floral supplies either. In fact, it is a wasteland. Thankfully my mom and I can go on a mission this weekend in LA.

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