Tuesday, November 13, 2007

moons over my honey

Alas! The wedding show paid off. I picked up a brochure from a travel agent who specializes in honeymoons and lo and behold—she turned around some amazing rates. I began my own research a few weeks ago and started to sweat amidst the massive wedding expenses going on. Don’t get me wrong, we are probably shelling out way more than your average newlywed couple on this honeymoon (I come from a long line of hotel snobbery) but man, rates get overly ‘spense in Hawaii fast. Before I go any further…

About Hawaii—Okay yes, call us sellouts, whatev. I still wince a little when asked where we are going. But the deal is: September wedding + Caribbean = hurricane risk. I put my eggs in the Caribbean’s basket any day, except for the month we are getting married. We will leave the USVIs for our first anniversary and dive trips for years to come.

We also considered Fiji, but those jerks decided to have a political coup. BoraBora...2k a night. F
ugetaboudit. Halli annoying Nick throughout Europe is not a romantic time either. Okay, back to aloha. Here are the winners:

Week 1: Grand Hyatt Kauai
This is our prime recovery and relaxation phase. We originally were shooting for Four Seasons Maui
Wailea or Ritz Carlton Kapalua, all wonderfully luxurious, but they suffered from dull pools and not ideal beach access. Call us dorks but, how about a water slide and a lazy river with that mai tai? We saw the Grand Wailea featured as a top pool on the Travel Channel over the weekend, but it had fair reviews on Trip Advisor due to poor service complaints. This was also confirmed by our travel agent. Kauai kept creeping back as a leader. They have so many pools we will be lucky if we get to a beach. I stopped in at the Grand Hyatt Kauai once too, and I remember wishing I had stayed there.

Week 2: JW Marriott Ihilani Resort & Spa at Ko Olina
Here is the part of the trip where we do very Nick + Halli things: run around on battleships, go to war memorials, dive WWII wrecks, visit Dog the Bounty Hunter, eat, drink and be married. Jim and Paula, beyond funding impending wedding, have also treated us to a week on Oahu at a swanky JW property. Thanks! I will make Nick wear a Hawaiian shirt the whole time as we shove fists full of macadamia nuts in our face. Expect lots of crap from from Hilo Hattie’s.

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