Thursday, January 3, 2008

linens and things

Newsflash: My wonderful finance now knows the difference between crinkle taffeta, pintuck silk, and organza! That is true love people. Last week we completed, what I though was going to be one of the more challenging parts of planning: linens. In reality, it was super easy. So easy, we were done in under an hour and I am in love. I was mostly nervous about the lack of selection in our color range…blacks, grays, and slivers. In the world of linens, there isn’t a huge range available in these colors if you aren’t going custom, but Tabella had just what we needed.

We settled on a warm charcoal hue that is doing more than extending our color palette—it’s providing a nice tie into the warmth of the birch walls in the BP auditorium. We have often worried about not plunking a cold color palette into a warm interior space like the WDCH. There is just a subtle warm copper sheen that comes out of the fabric when it hits the light. Gorgeous darling, gorgeous. Thanks to Kristin, our coordinator, for steering us away from using a two-color setup—base tablecloth and an overlay. Its too prom circa 1992. One strong linen with a rich texture is all you need.

Beyond the excitement of linens, we had some b-party team action! Cynthia, bridesmaid and wedding aficionado, was able to join us while on break from the toils of her Master’s degree completion. It’s been so nice to have my maids, at one point or another, help with planning or be at special wedding-related events, despite being spread all over the country.

I will cover what we are now referring to as "the great goblet debate” in a future post.

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